Our design team takes the time with even the simplest of concepts to create designs to exceed all expectations. With our attention to detail and drive for "the crème de la crème" we ensure our clients are more than satisfied with all aspects of the design.  We focus solely on the client's needs and put our own egos aside because it is your space, and should be one that you enjoy. A design fee will be estimated for the project at hand and is based on an hourly rate of $95/hour. For more technical or complex designs which involve "creative engineering," the fee will be set at an hourly rate of $150/hour. 


A typical design would include:

  • Input: Our team will put together space plans, including dimensions, finishes, color palettes, and more.

  • Options: We will provide you with some various options that we believe will enhance the space.

  • Revise and Finalize: With your feedback we will go back to the drawing board and complete your final concept.

  • Technical and Structural:  We go into great detail to fit everything into the plan with no loose ends and guarantee if something will work with the space or provide alternative means that will.


Once the design is completed we will move onto the next stage...the build process.


Make it a reality . . .