The building stage of the overall process is where everything comes together and we are able to start creating your project. This is where our expertise in materials and manufacturing is used to our, and more importantly your, advantage because we have an entire in-house fabrication team. Keeping production within our own walls with hand selected local materials helps to minimize costs and ultimately expedite the completion of the project. 

We provide every client with the greatest service, whether it be the complete build-out of a restaurant, or a beautiful custom table made to be the focal point of a dining room.  We welcome creative challenges, no request is too big for us to handle, as we have experience working with a wide spectrum of materials including: metal, wood, glass, acrylic, custom lighting/LEDs, concrete, stone, composites, and even the ability to incorporate electronic functionality into projects. 

We love creating, period.  Let us assist you in creating that unique space that you have always wanted.  With the help of our incredible team, you would be surprised what can become of a simple concept, idea, or thought.


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