The Initial Design Consultation is an informal meeting in which the Designer and Client set the details of the design and discuss the vision for the anticipated project. We work with a number of different clients including homeowners, business owners, designers, architects, contractors, and the list goes on.  Let our knowledgeable staff help ease the process of choosing material and other factors that come into play when designing.  We are experts when it comes to knowing what works well with a variety of different styles, and more importantly, we understand your budget and will be able to accommodate in that aspect. In fact, through the use of our consultation process we save our customer about 10-20% on materials and time spent on the project from start to finish. 

A typical consultation meeting would include:

  • Needs and Budget: First we want to establish what your needs are in order to better understand how we can service you more efficiently.

  • Styles and Finishes: These are very important to any design and we want to ensure our client's vision is first and foremost.

  • Like and Dislikes: This is your space and we want you to enjoy it, so we will do all we can to design your dream space.

  • Timeline and Cost: After evaluating all the factors, we will have an idea of how quickly we can provide you services as well as a ballpark estimate of costs. Please note that these estimates are subject to change with each re-design. 

For designers/professionals specifically:

  • Discuss budgetary and various expenditure needs prior to any presentation with their client or otherwise related third party.


Let's design it . . .